Chelsea plan Sarri's arrival after dismissing Conte

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Chelsea plan Sarri's arrival after dismissing Conte

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Antonio Conte sbobet ninja has been sacked from Chelsea who are close to reaching an agreement with Napoli for Maurizio Sarri.The former Juventus coach is set to receive the 10 million euros of his final year of contact as compensation.Conte had started the team's pre-season several days ago, as he couldn't settle on an agreement with the club, due to his bitter relationship with the board.Sarri, who is still under contract with Napoli, is likely to be his successor at Chelsea's helm, when the English club reach a deal with the Italians.Conte arrived in London after sbobet ninja leading Italy to the 2016 European Championships, and went on to win the Premier League trophy, as well as an FA Cup title last season.The decision to sack him was already communicated to the players, with Chelsea's official announcement still pending. sbobet ninja

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