recliners chairs but we can definitely vouch for the comfort-factor

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recliners chairs but we can definitely vouch for the comfort-factor

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So when the Savvy Baby (isn’t which an adorable name to get a crib mattress? ) arrived 2 , 3 weeks later we were still pinching ourselves. And Burger dropped in love too. The truth is here’s a video folks catching Burger in this act of enjoying the fresh mattress (or you can easily watch it here at YouTube).

And fear possibly not, that puppy’s cleaner than we are. And of course we’ll be adding an organic all-wool waterproof mattress pad along with an organic fitted sheet so please don’t worry our baby girl will get getting some sort of dangerous chihuahua-borne illness.

But to our baby… er, Setting up the mattress. What can make it so covetable? Well it’s no cost of any chemicals and created from five inches of firm all-natural latex. The top and bottom in the mattress are also protected with flame-retardant quilting created from organic wool fiber as well as organic cotton fabric (it meets each of the fire-proofing standards here in america without being sprayed or maybe dipped in any chemicals). Plus wool is obviously repellent to dust mites in addition to keeps the mattress’s middle environment dry so infant P will sleep cooler while in the summer and warmer from the winter.

Doesn’t it be understood as the Ferrari of crib comfort? Seriously we were excited and we can’t say thanks to the sweet folks at Savvy Rest enough thus to their amazing gift. Of course we haven’t taken it for the spin since it’s a lttle bit too short for you, but we can definitely vouch for the comfort-factor and durability of our very own personal Savvy Rest airbed which we’ve enjoyed for almost per year now (check out the update on how we enjoy it right here). And we haven’t described that Savvy Rest located right here in Virginia so it’s form of a “local” company too. Gotta love that it didn’t have to travel far to get there right at our doorway.

So that’s the recliners chairs Like cars or houses rainbows and also unicorns (read: happy-go-lucky) component to the story. Then it was time ascertain where we’d be settling our lovely new mattress… such as, locate a crib. This really is easier said than done my buddies. It was a major challenge to straddle the particular line between “we’d as it to be reasonably environmentally friendly and non-toxic since that’s the way we live” (we compost, have a rain barrel, use non-toxic cleaning products, etc) and “our budget isn’t in the $700-1500 range so all those entirely eco crib options sadly aren’t within reach for us” (with things like strollers, car seats, cloth diapers and various big ticket items still on our must-buy list we unfortunately had to set a crib budget and stick to it).

We quickly realized that we’d be very happy to find a crib that was somewhat of a compromise (a little more eco than most super cheap cribs which has a few great non-toxic attributes but obviously nothing inside sadly-unattainable-for-us $700+ recliners chairs it helps reduce the consequences of such break inside strategies price range of the people amazing industry leading environment friendly crib makers like Oeuf, Cariboo, Pacific Edge, DucDuc, Spot on Block, Argington, and Q Group Junior). So after a bit of research and soul searching we came to a decent little “must-have list” that marilyn and i thought would work best for us to be able to narrow down all the contenders and hopefully depart us with something best for Baby P. Here was our required consideration:

A crib that was constructed entirely from solid wood (since tighten up wood and MDF can be held together with off-gassing glue along with formaldehyde)
Something with a new non-toxic finish (since children are known to inexplicably gnaw at their cribs)
A price tag under $400 if in the least heavenly possibly (our first budget was actually while in the $200 range but we scored such a good deal on a secondhand nursery chair that we had a little more to put towards that crib).
A crib that meets or exceeds all the established US safety specifications
Something modern-ish with clean lines plus a white finish (to work with the remaining room and feel sexuality neutral enough to recycle for future bambinos)
A solid well scored stationary crib (we were going to avoid anything with a new drop side since there have been so many recent recalls)
We also had an additional list of “it is nice” characteristics that weren’t necessary but happen to be welcome:

A crib with some sort of pull out storage underneath it (we’re everything regarding maximizing our stash-it space)
Something that can be converted into a toddler bed or daybed (we’d like to utilize what we have provided possible)
A splash of darker wood to balance the actual clean bright white finish on the remaining portion of the crib (we actually identified ourselves loving the dual-toned look but it wasn’t that easy in order to hunt down)
Free shipping (because that’s always a nice bonus when purchasing this type of big ticket item).

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