Wenger says Ozil behaving like he's "ready to commit" to Arsenal

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Wenger says Ozil behaving like he's "ready to commit" to Arsenal

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Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger said he believes Mesut Ozil is behaving like he's "ready to commit" to a new contract with the club.Ozil 's contract expires in the summer and has yet to agree a new one, leading to plenty of questions over his future."The vibes I get from his commitment, his focus and his desire for achievement with the team is that he behaves สโบเบ็ต like someone who is completely focused and committed and ready to commit," Wenger told a news conference on Friday."But after that contract negotiations are what they are."We are not close enough to tell you, 'Yes, he will do it',""Not close enough to be optimistic and not far enough to be pessimistic."Ozil's contract has been one of two major questions hovering over Arsenal this season.The other was answered on Monday when Alexis Sanchez, whose deal was also to expire สโบเบ็ต after the season, joined Manchester United in a swap for midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan.Wenger said he didn't get Mkhitaryan as a replacement for Ozil and wants to see the two playing together at Arsenal."We signed Mkhitaryan on a long-term contract and our intention is to keep Ozil at the club and hopefully we will manage to do that very soon," the Frenchman said.สโบเบ็ต

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