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Analysts ha

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Police are investigating a children's hospital in Quanzhou adidas superstar pride pack uk , Fujian province, after a newborn was allegedly burned to death in an incubator.

The infant's parents agreed on Friday to an autopsy to determine "whether the baby died of staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome or too high a temperature" in the incubator, Chen Xiahong, a Quanzhou publicity official adidas superstar paint splatter uk , said.

"We will publish the result soon," Chen said.

Staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome is a condition common among children under the age of 6 that causes painful blistering of the skin.

The shocking incident was first exposed on Thursday by a netizen who claimed to be a relative of the infant.

The netizen posted a horrific photo on the Chinese micro-blogging website Sina Weibo that showed the baby lying face down on a blanket with severe sores and burns on its back.

According to the baby's father, Ye Yilong, the baby girl was born with low oxygen on July 6 at Quanzhou Children's Hospital after more than 10 hours of labor.

The doctor suggested placing the infant in an incubator under observation for about 10 days , Ye told China Daily on Friday.

On July 14, doctors said the baby could be discharged soon, but a day later they said she caught a cold and may have an infection.

On July 17, the hospital informed Ye that the baby had died.

When changing the baby's clothes adidas superstars womens , Ye was shocked to find bloody burns on the baby's back and legs and asked the hospital for an explanation.

"The doctor said the burns were caused by an infection, but I seriously doubted it," Ye said.

"It didn't add up, the other day doctors said the baby was okay adidas superstar shoes , and suddenly she is gone," Ye said.

The family demanded to see surveillance footage and to speak with the nurse who attended to the baby, but the hospital turned down their request.

Ye alleged that the hospital deleted the footage of the baby's last days in the incubator.

The hospital refused to respond to Ye's allegations on Friday.

A Friday media briefing was canceled by the hospital, which added that the Quanzhou publicity department will handle questions from the media.

Chen Hao adidas superstar uk , a pediatrician with Fuzhou Children's Hospital, said he has never heard of such a case.

Although it's rare, an equipment failure or human error could have caused the incident, Chen said.

The investigation team is questioning all staff who were on duty when the baby died , the city's publicity department said on Thursday night.

WASHINGTON, March 3 (Xinhua) -- The U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday voted to pass a clean funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security through Sept. 30 without any provisions to roll back U.S. President Barack Obama's contested 2014 executive actions on immigration, ending a month-long partisan gridlock that threatened a partial shutdown in the security agency.

by Juhani Niinisto

HELSINKI, July 27 (Xinhua) -- The nationalistic and anti-immigration cohort within the Finns Party appears to be causing increasing embarrassment to the three-party coalition government of Finland.

Over the weekend centrist Prime Minister Juha Sipila disassociated himself in strong terms from a social media article written by Finns Party's MP Olli Immonen.

The MP had described multiculturalism as a "nightmare" and had pledged "to fight until the end for our homeland and our Finnish nation". The MP had written in English and the article was thus understandable for international readers.

It took another day until the Finns Party chairman and Foreign Minister Timo Soini commented on the issue. He said to the newspaper Ilta-Sanoma on Monday that the view "did no good to the reputation of the party" but any decision to oust the MP from the caucus would be subject to parliamentary decision.

Prime Minister Juha Sipila wrote in a tweet on Sunday that he wants to develop Finland as "an open and international country that is rich in its languages and culture".

The chairman of the National Coalition Party and Finance Minister Alexander Stubb described multiculturalism as an asset. He said he backs freedom of speech , but does not accept instigation of hatred.

Local analysts have taken up the multi-faceted composition of the Finns Party. The leading Finnish daily Helsingin Sanomat noted in its editorial on Monday that through accepting everyone into the party irrespective of their views chairman Soini took a calculated risk. "Now there is in the party a strong anti-immigration faction that Soini has to tolerate," the newspaper wrote.

The paper noted that Prime Minister Sipila also took a risk when he insisted on including the Finns Party in the current government. "Now that risk begins to materialize," it concluded.

The populist Finns Party comprises various ideological groups and the strongly anti-immigration and nationalistic MPs are a vocal minority.

The party is getting much of its support from disillusioned industrial workers who have lost their employment. It also represents value conservative attitudes.

Analysts have noted that without the anti-immigration segment the party would not have attained its current status as the second largest in the parliament.

The centrist chairman of the Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee Antti Kaikkonen told the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat that "there are prejudices abroad in relation to the Finns Party" and the latest issue will certainly not help diminish the prejudices.

In the meantime, MP Immonen has defended his views and opposition to multi-culturalism. He got backing from the party's youth league.

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